Traditionally, Slovenian non-profit organizations itSMF Slovenija and PMI Slovenija are joining forces to propagate the knowledge on most current IT service management and project management practices at the one key regional event Together in Excellence.

The best co-workers: project management and IT service management

The attendees can experience a unique event with quality multi-discipline contents. The conference hosts recognized experts and discuss most wanted topic on project management and IT service management in the new reality initially driven by digital transformation and accelerated by pandemic situation.

Remote work, more and more business over the internet that must be implemented quickly, even higher reliability and availability of IT services force many organizations to rethink their strategy and take into consideration an importance of a good risk management, well-established basic concepts and good practices.

Experts will share with the participants concrete tips and present practical solutions how to address those challenges, make right moves and gain positive results.

Why you should join us?

The conference is designed for those of you, who are anyhow involved in management, coordination, solutions or project development of organisation, implementation of novelties in business, and for all those who are aware of the impact of novelties on business strategies. But in essence the event is devoted to those who want to be up to date with the novelties and want to be excellent in growth. And, of course, to anyone interested in project management and IT service management topics.

New ways of socializing and networking!

The conference will be held in virtual form on online events platform Hopin, which is one of the leading platforms for hosting virtual conferences, while offering maximum involvement of attendees as well as sponsors and speakers. During conference time, all attendees will have access to the expert lectures, round tables, various presentations of sponsors, presentations of practical solutions and networking with and among conference attendees or sponsors.

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Multidisciplinary interlace of related areas on a unique event.

Hot topics.

Top presenters, global professionals in one place.

Best practices and experiences, success stories and projects from different parts of the world.

Meeting and socialization of colleagues, new professional acquaintances.

Use membership and student discounts. Earn up to 12 PDUs.


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